Shadow Creep

Shadow Creep

Hi everyone! As you may have noticed, I’ve really gotten into writing poetry lately; I find that it’s an excellent way to release some creative energy. So, after becoming inspired by a few recent bouts of sleep paralysis, I thought I’d share this new poem with you all. I hope you enjoy it!

Shadow Creep

My eyes spring open in the black of night
My body still in repose
Half my brain seems to have woken up
While the other is still adoze

My arms and legs refuse to work
And I’m not able to even scream
As fear invades my every pore
And my mind projects its dream

There is pressure bearing on my chest
Such unrelenting force
Yet no assailant assails me
I see no obvious source

It’s hard to take the smallest breath
And I’m screaming in my head
I fear my heart may race too fast
And before long I’ll be dead

And then a devil comes ashore
From across the dreamscape sea
He’s standing at the foot of the bed
And he’s staring into me

He’s made entirely out of shadows
He’s darker than the night
His presence only serves to fill me
With overwhelming fright

He watches as I struggle
While I try to move even an inch
My heart beats all the harder
And then, finally, I flinch

I bolt upright in my bed
As my eyes take in the scene
The shadow man has let me be
And left no sign he’s been

I’m left to wonder if he was real
And if shadows really creep,
Do they always watch us so intently
When they think that we’re asleep?

As always, thank you for reading, I really do appreciate your time!

Until next time


© 2018 GLT

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  1. You certainly captured the feeling of how terrifying that must be!! I sure hope you can get that resolved!

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  2. Based on the comments, it seems you are stricken with a malady! Get better!

    However, I found this interesting. The afflictions of the main character matched a lot of descriptions of paralysis during sleep. You know, when incubi or succubi come to screw with you? Anyway, I interpreted the main character as capable of seeing through the demons’ disguises, and he was terrified while he could do nothing to save himself.

    I’m probably way off base with my BS analysis, but I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed this.


    • Thank you! I’m told it’s a stress related sleep disorder, so I should probably look into cutting stress, but it is terrifying. The odd thing about sleep paralysis is that a lot of people experience the same ‘hallucinations’. I’m glad it struck a chord with you 😀

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