My Tumultuous Mind

Busy neuronshi all, I hope everyone’s well. I’m sharing a poem today. I hope you enjoy!

My Tumultuous Mind

Sleep eludes me once again
And I lay restless in my bed
My thoughts are fast and messy
As they go whizzing around my head

I think of distant grudges
And long-forgotten spats
I think of things I shouldn’t have said
In some half-remembered chats

It’s all a bunch of nonsense
None of it matters anymore
My anxious mind just works like that
Dredging up all that came before

I’ve always had trouble sleeping
And maybe I always will
Though I hope one day my tumultuous mind
Will learn to just be still

As always, thank you for choosing to spend your valuable time with my words, I appreciate it an immeasurable amount.

Until next time,


© 2019 GLT

Categories: Creative Writing, Poetry

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