Hello, everyone!

     My name is Geroge, and I am a writer from the North-East of England – where it is impossibly hot at the time of posting.

     I love to write. I think writing, or creating in general – even just for fun – is an extraordinary thing. You can go anywhere and be anyone without moving a single step outside your own front door.

     With every new project, I am learning new things be it about outlining, story structure or even about my own personal writing style. There’s always room for improvement when it comes to writing, especially if you’re like me – I never think what I’ve written is good enough, even when others have said otherwise, which I have learned, is very common amongst us wordsmiths but I digress.

     I created this website to talk about the things I’ve learned on my journey from Funtime writer to full-time writer. When I was starting out, I scoured the web for advice and tips, and so I thought I’d put everything I’ve learned here in one place for anyone else who may need it.
I’ll also be posting bits and pieces of my own work, just to vary the flow of posts a little bit.

     Feel free to have a look around, read some stuff and comment and follow if you like and I’ll look forward reading your blogs too!

George 😀