Notebook and Pen

Why I Write

I have always loved to write. Even from the age of about five or six, I would rewrite my favourite fairy tales in my own words and try to invent different endings for them. 

     The story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears had always been a particular favourite, and I always felt as though Goldilocks, with her brazen breaking and entering, got off with her crime scot-free. To make up for this, I would write endings wherein the Three Bears would chase after her through the forest and, upon her capture,  take her to the authorities or, at the very least give her a firm telling off.

     As I grew up my interest in writing grew too, and I became passionate about it, writing whenever I got the chance.

     There have been many times over the years when I have needed to ‘get away from it all’ and writing is the only way I know how to do that with any degree of success.

     The imagined worlds that I would create became a vacation of sorts from the troubles or difficulties that were happening in my life, and through expressing my thoughts and feelings onto the page, I was better able to understand them which in turn helped me to grow as a person.

     I relish the process of starting with an idea in my head and then having that idea grow with such intensity that it feels uncontainable to the point that I just have to write it down.

     In the process of doing this, I am creating something that has never existed in the world before. I am turning something abstract into something concrete; bringing an idea to life and even if nobody reads it, I know that I’ve released some part of me into the world that may continue to exist in some form or another long after I’m gone.

All these and a gazillion other reasons are why I love to write.
Thank you for giving it a glance if you did, I appreciate your time.

Until next time,


© 2017 GLT



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