5 Tips for Choosing a Title

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well! Today I’m sharing a few tips for choosing the right title for your work. I hope it’s helpful. Choosing a title for your work can be tough. After all, you want it to… Read More ›

In the Silence

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well and that you’re all eagerly pursuing whatever it is that brings you happiness. Today I’m sharing a poem with you – I hope you enjoy it. In the Silence Sometimes I need silence… Read More ›

Odd Plurals 2

Hi everyone! Once again I’ve found myself thinking about plurals. I was having a heated discussion earlier about the plural form for cactus. I was adamant the plural was cactuses, and my friend was convinced the plural was cacti, which of course… Read More ›

Confused Words 7

Hi everyone! It’s been ages since I’ve written a Confused Words post, and I figured there’s no time like the present. So, here’s another round of the most commonly confused words. Metal, Mettle Metal: this word is used in reference… Read More ›