5 Further Writing Exercises to Flex your Writing Muscles

5 Further Writing Exercises to Flex your Writing Muscles


Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well and looking after yourselves, physically, mentally and creatively. I’ve collated another batch of writing exercises for your creativity-flexing pleasure, so I hope you enjoy!

5 Further Writing Exercises to Flex your Writing Muscles

1  Character Correspondance
To get your creative juices flowing, you could try having one of your characters write a letter to another. For instance, your antagonist could write your protagonist a letter explaining why they are the way they are and do the things they do. Or, you could even have secondary characters write to each other and have them express their feelings about the main character(s). This exercise can allow you some insight into the minds of your characters, whilst helping to develop their voices and explore their backstories. You probably won’t use the letters as they’re written, but they might well throw up some great ideas about your characters that you might want to keep.

2  Rewrite your own Work
Look at the first scene in your current project and take ten minutes or so to mull over your opening lines. Then, try and come up with two or three alternatives. What you come up with might not be as good as what you already have, but it’s an excellent way of forcing your bran to see certain aspects of your story in a different light.

3  Change History
Another great exercise to help get your imagination into gear is to take an historical event and rewrite it. For example, what would have happened if America had been left undisturbed by Europeans? What if we never made it to the moon? What if the black death had never occurred?

4  Forward Thinking
You could write a short paragraph or two (or however much you like really) about what you think life will be like in the future. Write about how you think the world will be, or what humans will look like thousands of years from now. Thinking about the future is a great way to stir your imagination.

5  Home
Writing about what might have been where your home is now, or even about the people who might have been who lived in it or on the land in the past is a really nice way of engaging your creative brain. You don’t have to work too hard since you already know the area and the subject matter, all there is to do is imagine!

As always, thank you very much for reading if you did, I really do appreciate it!

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  1. I’m always on the lookout for writing exercises, because I think they deserve more credit for better a writer’s craft. Loved the correspondence one. Might need to use that now for my current manuscript. Thanks for sharing!

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