Staying Motivated

Writing can be hard, especially when you’re feeling a lack of motivation. Here you’ll find some tips to help you to keep going and stay motivated

Ignoring Self-doubt

  I talk a lot about practising your craft, and that’s because it’s true; by writing, we become better writers. When you look back over some of the older pieces you have written, you’ll be able to see how much… Read More ›

You are a Writer

Originally posted on Robert C Day:
Worried about whether you are really a writer? Well fret no more – you are, indeed, a member of that illustrious breed. And here’s why. You can call yourself a writer if you write. Even…

Why do you write?

Originally posted on The Cat's Write:
Every writer likes to have a go at answering this (often personal) question at some point in their blogging career, and I suppose I’m no different. What brewing concoction of feelings and emotions do you…