5 More Tips for Staying Motivated

5 More Tips for Staying Motivated

Hello everyone, here’s another five tips to help you to stay motivated. You can find more from my Staying Motivated series here.

1 – Don’t wait
If writing is what you really want to be doing, then write. It’s important to do it now. There are plenty of people who dream of becoming a writer, but how can you write if you don’t pick up a pencil and begin?

2 – Track your Work
Before each writing session, you should list all the task you want to accomplish that particular day, and then check each task off as you complete it. It’s a good idea to track your work because it can help you to see that you’re getting things done and that you are actually heading towards your primary goal.

3 – Like your Work
When you are writing or creating anything for that matter, you should at least be enjoying some part of the process. For some, it’s writing action scenes, for others it’s the outlining process or the process of generating ideas. If you don’t like your own work, then why would anybody else like it?

4 – Nothing Compares
Don’t compare your own work to that of someone else. There is just no point. Every writer writes using their own unique style and their own technique. Just as with everything else, nobody is the same. Remember, you will never be your favourite author, just as others will never be you. You are you, let that show in your work.

5 – Work Comfortably
It is essential that you be comfortable when you are writing. Often, you’ll be working for hours on end, especially if you have deadlines to adhere to, and if you are not comfortable, you are less likely to be productive. Some people prefer to write at a desk in an office, or at a dining table, some even prefer to write in bed. Wherever you choose to work, be comfortable.

As always, thank you so much for spending your valuable time here with my words, I really do appreciate it. If you’d like to read more tips, then you can check out specific categories in the sidebar or in the drop-down menu on the home button.

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  1. These are helpful tips.Thanks for sharing.

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