Confused Words 4



Hi everyone, today has been a slow day so I thought I’d post another round of confused words.

They are:

Mare, Mayor
Mare: This is the word used to describe a female member of the equine animal family. For instance, the ‘mare‘ grazed in the field with her foal.
Mayor: is used when referencing an elected official who is the head of a municipal corporation (US, Canada) or the head of a town or county who has been elected by council members and whose duties are generally ceremonial (England, Wales, Northern Ireland). For example, the ‘mayor‘ arrived to cut the ribbon and declare the park officially open.

Seem: we use this word to mean ‘appear in a particular way’ for example, Stephen ‘seems’ annoyed.
Seam: is used when referring to a line where two pieces of fabric are sewn together, for example, careful stitching helps to disguise a ‘seam‘.

is the word used when referring to the natural agent that allows us to see, or when we want to talk about setting fire to something. For example, the ‘light‘ came in through the crack in the curtains. Sam set ‘light‘ to the kindling to start off the campfire.
Lite: we use this to denote a low-fat or low-sugar version of a manufactured food or drink. For instance, Dave prefers to drink ‘lite‘ beer.

Through: is used when you’re talking about movement from one end of an opening, channel or location to the other, or to indicate a period of time. For example, John drove his car ‘through‘ the tunnel. The old woman had, thus far, lived ‘through‘ eight decades.
Threw: is the past tense of the word throw and we use it to describe the action of propelling an object through the air with force by movement of the arm and hand. For example, Sam ‘threw‘ the ball across the field.

Prise, Prize
Prise: we use this word when referencing something that has had force used upon it in order to open it or pull it apart, or when describing the action of taking something from someone with effort or great difficulty. For example, Bill ‘prised’ the door open with a crowbar. The police officer had to ‘prise‘ the knife from the man’s fingers.
Prize: is the word used when referring to something somebody has won or has been given as a reward. For example, she stepped onto the stage to claim her ‘prize‘.

Populous: is the word used when you want to talk about a large population or a densely populated area. For example, the city of Tokyo, Japan is the most populous city in the world.
Populace: is used when you want to talk about the people living in a particular country or area. For example, the ‘populace‘ was angry that the government decided to increase taxes.

As always, thank you for reading my words!

Until next time,


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  1. The conjugation of the verb “to light” and adjectives derived from it seem to throw some folks, too. Not to mention lighting and lightning. 😀 Come to think of it, did you ever come across an instance where somebody took the pun to its logical conclusion and wrote about a “lightning house”?

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