Confused Words 7

Hi everyone! It’s been ages since I’ve written a Confused Words post, and I figured there’s no time like the present. So, here’s another round of the most commonly confused words.

Metal, Mettle
Metal: this word is used in reference to a hard, shiny, malleable material such as gold or aluminium. For example, ‘metal’ is often a good conductor of heat and electricity.
Mettle: this is used when describing a person’s ability to cope well in stressful or difficult situations. For example, she was forced to show her true ‘mettle‘ in battle.

Addition, Edition
Addition: this is used when referring to the act of adding. one thing to another thing. For instance, the ‘addition‘ of red paint to blue paint makes purple.
Edition: this word is used when you are talking about a particular version of something. For example, first ‘editions’ of famous novels often sell very well.

Derive, Deride
Derive: this is the word you’d use when you mean to obtain one thing from another thing. For example, she ‘derived’ great joy in looking after her grandchildren.
Deride: this word is used to mean to expresses contempt for or to ridicule someone or something. For instance, bullies often ‘deride‘ others to make themselves feel better.

Gamble, Gambol
Gamble: this is used in reference to the act of playing games of chance, wherein money or other valuables are bet, and in turn, won or lost. It can also be used to describe a risky action. For example, he ‘gambled‘ away his paycheck on horse racing. She knew that investing so much of her savings was a ‘gamble‘.
Gambol: this word means to jump or run around in a playful manner. For instance, the lambs ‘gambolled’ in the meadow.

Status, Stasis
Status: this is the word used when speaking about the situation of a process at a particular time. It can also be used when referring to the relative social or professional position – or standing of a person. For example, she called the hospital for a ‘status‘ update on her father’s condition. It can be difficult to improve one’s social ‘status‘.
Stasis: this is used in reference to a period or state of inactivity or equilibrium. For example, one day, it may be necessary for astronauts to enter a physiological ‘stasis‘ in order to make long distance space travel survivable.

Where, Wear, Ware
Where: this is used when you’re talking about a place or a position. For example, home, it is often said, is ‘where‘ the heart is.
Wear: this word is used when referring to the clothes on a person’s body. It can also be used to refer to damage caused by overuse or erosion. For instance, she is ‘wearing’ a summer dress. The paint on the front of the house is ‘wearing’ off due to weathering.
Ware: this word can be used when referring to articles for sale. For example, the market traders display their ‘wares‘.

As always, thank you so much for reading my words!

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to a new word… “gambol!”


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