5 More Writing Exercises to Flex your Writing Muscles

5 More Writing Exercises to Flex your Writing Muscles

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well! Today I’m back with another round of Writing Exercises to help keep your creative mind and muscles active. I hope you enjoy!

5 More Writing Exercises to Flex your Writing Muscles

1  Experiment with Writing Prompts
Prompts are an excellent way to flex your writing muscles. There are plenty of googleable sites out there that will give you a barrage of different prompts to choose from and when you’ve chosen the one, just go with it and see what happens. It’s advisable to pick one at random because it can be easy to fall down a rabbit hole of procrastination as you search for the perfect prompt.

2  Continue the Story
Think about a book you’ve read or a TV show you enjoyed that’s ended, or even a movie you watched recently, and write about what the main character(s) would be doing now? Write about what you imagine happened after the end of the book/tv show/movie. It’s all about getting you into the physical act of writing and warming up your imagination, which is arguably the largest of the writing muscles.

3  Perspective
Take a scene from your current work in progress – or even your favourite book if you like – and rewrite it from the perspective of another character. Maybe a side character has an interesting take on what is going on within the scene or perhaps the antagonist has a further point to get across.

4  POV
Another great exercise and similar to the one above is to take a scene from a work in progress or a favourite book and retell it from a different narrative point of view. For example, something written in the first person – i.e. I, me, my – could be rewritten in the third person – i.e. she, he, his, hers – or if your feeling incredibly adventurous, you could experiment with second-person narration – i.e. you, yours.

5  Write about Yesterday
Think about what you did yesterday. What were the highlights of your day, or even the lows of the day? Although you don’t have to really use your imagination here, it is a great way of forcing you to actually write something – even if you’re just basically writing a diary entry. Writing something is better than nothing at all.

As always, thanks for reading! I hope you’ve found some inspiration in the exercises listed above. Give them a try – you can never write too much or have enough practice, after all!

Until next time,


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