Writing Tips

     I will be releasing a short story on Amazon in the not too distant future.
Although it’s not the first I have written, it will certainly be a first for me to have my work so readily accessible by any and all who should choose to read it.

     In the meantime, I thought I would share some of the tips that  I have picked up from various places over the years in my attempts to hone my skill.
So here goes:

Write As Though Nobody Will Ever Read Your Work
If you write in this way, then you’re sure to be a lot more open and honest in your work, and you’ll no doubt feel less awkward about writing about deeply emotional and personal subjects.
This little nugget of information really helped me because for a long time I would feel embarrassed about some of the things I would write.  Sometimes I would find myself writing quite a violent scene or a rather intimate scene and then reworking them or deleting them altogether, feeling sheepish at the prospect that anybody I know would read what I’d written and know that I had the ability to think in such a way.
It’s silly really, though with this piece of advice I was slowly able to learn to write as if I were doing it just for myself.  I found that after a little practice I could write whatever I liked without feeling self-conscious about it.
From time to time I still find myself wondering, ‘Should I really write that?’ but it has become a fleeting thought that I’m able to push away… most of the time.

Try To Write A First Draft In One Sitting
This can seem a daunting task, but it can be done.  Even if you need to miss out large chunks of plot, just aim for the end.  At least you’ll have your basic story.

First Drafts Are Supposed To Be Rubbish
Everybody writes a pretty crappy first draft. The point of the first draft is to get everything – the whole story out on the page.  Second and third drafts are for making things perfect.  Of course, you can write as many drafts as you need in order to create your art.

Write Every Day
Writing every day helps you to form a writing habit.  This is useful because the more you write, the better you will become.  It will also help you to get into a routine so that you can be more productive.

Create Deadlines
This is another way to ensure productivity.  You should start small, setting a certain amount of words or even pages to be completed by a set time.  This gives you something manageable to work towards, and you can always set larger goals as you become used to working within deadlines.

Write The Ending First
The ending, at least for me, is always the hardest part of the story to write.  I find that getting it out of the way first, at least in the first draft, helps to move things along.  It’s always better, in my opinion, to know where you’re going and to have something to work towards.

Write The First Draft Without Editing
Try not to edit your work until you have completed your first draft.  This will speed up your writing.  This can be hard for me to stick to as well because if something just doesn’t sound right, I often rewrite it until it does, at which point it’s two or three hours later, and I’ve lost the will to write.

I think that’ll just about do it for now… I feel like I’ve rambled on, sometimes needlessly for long enough, so if you’ve read this far then thank you very much, I hope these tips helped in some way.

Thanks again for reading




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  2. Great tips! Thanks very much for sharing. When does your short story come out? A friend and I are doing the same to raise money for a local charity. Any tips?

    My attention span is pretty poor so I can find it hard to finish a first draft in one sitting. I blame the weed. But it gives me ideas, so swings and roundabouts.

    I’ve never wrote the ending first, though I kind of know where the story’s going. One for me to try out, I think!


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