Writing Tips 3

Writing Tips 3

Hi, everyone! Here are another six writing tips that I hope you’ll find useful and, just like my previous post of this kind I’ve opted to go with a number because I think I’ve used up all of the synonyms for ‘more’.

Set a Daily Wordcount
Setting a daily wordcount can really help you to become more productive. Once you have decided on a fixed number of words, stick to it and write until you reach your goal.

You’re a Writer if you Write
A lot of people think that you need to have had your work published in print or online somewhere to be able to call yourself a writer, but there comes a point when you just have to accept the fact that, if you’re spending most of your time writing then you are indeed a writer. Writers write.

Remember to take a Break
While it is true that it is essential to write, write, write if you want to be a writer, it is also just as important to take regular breaks. Getting yourself overstressed is no good to anyone, and it’s certainly not good for productivity. Writing can be fun if it doesn’t drive you mad in the process.

Get your Facts Right
It’s very easy to be lazy about research and write around the facts or write what you think you know about a given topic, but your readers will not appreciate this approach. It is far better to research thoroughly and provide the best information that you can, being sure to check and double check that the information you give is accurate.

Choosing a Title
Choosing a title for your project before you begin to write it can be difficult so it can be beneficial to put off naming your work until it is complete. Sometimes a project can end up becoming something altogether different from what you had initially intended which may mean thinking up a new title if you have already named it.

Writing Exercises
Writing exercises are an excellent way to develop and improve your writing skills. They can also help you to plot a story, develop characters and even help you to generate ideas that you can use in your work. There are lots of free writing exercises online, and they can be found easily enough by performing a quick Google search. Writing exercises count as practice, and there is no such thing as too much practice. It’s what helps you to improve.

As always, thank you very much for spending your time reading my words, I really appreciate it.

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