Writing Tips 2

Writing Tips 2

Hi everyone, I couldn’t think of any other ways of saying ‘more’ than the ones that I’ve already used (even with the help of the internet), so I had no other choice than to stick a number on the end of the title instead. Not that it matters, it just made me feel better to mention it.

Anyway, here are six more writing tips.

Keep a Journal
Not everything in your journal will be full of excitement and adventure, but there’ll be great little nuggets of ‘life stuff’ that you can sprinkle through your work to add a little realism.

Be You
Don’t try too hard to write something ‘different’ or ‘unique’. This is a form of self-flagellation in my opinion. You can spend hours and even days trying to think up something that has never been done before. Unfortunately, you probably won’t have a eureka moment (unless you’re lucky – there’s always a chance!) for one simple reason: writing has been around an awfully long time, so it’s all been done before. Just focus on your story, article, or blog post and put your energy into crafting your best work and it’ll be different because it’ll be you.

Take a Course
Courses can help you to improve your writing in many different ways. They can teach you about style and technique and all kinds of things. Getting guidance and/or feedback can help you greatly by inspiring confidence.

Write what you Know
It’s basic, but it’s true nonetheless. Try creating stories about people you have known, places you have been or even your own wants and needs.

Free Write
Just put your pen on the paper (or your fingers on keys) and write the first thing that comes to mind, then keep going. Try not to overthink the words, or whether or not what you’re writing is making sense. This is an excellent way to generate ideas, and it also counts as writing practice, which you can never have too much of.

Copy what’s already been done to Learn how to do It
An excellent way to get you into a good writing headspace is to copy out sections of other people’s work. Pick out your favourite book, or even a random one from the shelf, open it and just start copying. The aim is to copy a few paragraphs or even pages, allowing yourself to learn how other writers use style and structure in their stories.

As always, thank you very much for spending your time with me, I appreciate it immensely.

Until next time,


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