Creating A Daily Writing Habit

Creating a Daily Writing Habit

Writing every day can be challenging, especially for those of us who have a busy schedule due to work or family commitments.

It can be tough to set aside some time when you can be alone with a notepad and pencil or a laptop and without any distractions, but it is vital that you try if you want to be a better writer.

Think of writing as a muscle that needs to be developed. The more you exercise the muscle, the stronger it becomes, and writing is no different; by writing every day, you are developing your skill and technique.

It is not necessary to carve out massive chunks of your day and spend that time scribbling endlessly until your fingers bleed; twenty to thirty minutes should be more than enough time for you to develop a writing habit, which will lead to you becoming, not only more proficient in your craft but also more productive.

You also don’t necessarily need to hole yourself up in a dark corner of your house to get your writing done. These days there are hundreds of apps on smartphones and tablets which allow you to write while you’re on the go.

J.K. Rowling thought up the names of the Hogwarts Houses on the back of an aeroplane sick-bag. (There is an enjoyable little interview with her here where she mentions this).

Some days you might find that you can’t be bothered to write because you’re tired or for lots of other good reasons, but do it anyway. Force yourself to write something – a few sentences or a few paragraphs.

You could, for example, create a journal and get into the habit of writing in it at night before bed or even filling in the previous day’s events when you wake up the next morning.

It’s all about practising as much as you can. Practising is what helps you to learn new skills and hone the ones you already have. It will definitely not, however, make you perfect, no matter what the old adage tells you. Perfect does not exist, especially when it comes to art and creativity, but it will absolutely make a better writer of you if you put in the time and effort.

Thanks, as always for reading. I appreciate it.

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