Why It’s Important to tell Stories

Why It's Important To Tell Stories

Storytelling is an integral part of growing up and has been since long before the advent of the written word. In fact, stories probably predate language if you take into account cave drawings made by our prehistoric ancestors.

Once language and the written word did come along, however, people began to record and share their tales, allowing for them to be passed from person to person and be retold over and over again as they spread all around the world.

Originally told orally, stories would be passed down through families, and they would change and grow as each new generation added to and embellished them before passing them on again.

We all love a good story, and we have all been brought up on fables and fairy tales of all kinds. As children, they helped us to develop listening, language and communication skills and gain a better understanding of difficult concepts such as illness, death or even things like divorce.

Through stories such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, for example, we learned about good morals and the difference between right and wrong and through others like Little Red Riding Hood, we were able to grasp the dangers of talking to people unknown to us, or ‘stranger danger.’

As adults, we are able to share our experiences through stories, and in doing so, can learn from one another’s mistakes. We can teach each other about other countries and cultures that are different from our own, while perhaps developing a deeper understanding and respect for our fellow human beings and the world in which we inhabit.

With all that said, however, while stories can be a source of knowledge and learning, on the other hand, sometimes a story can just be a story, with no ulterior motives; no secret life lessons, no subtle inferences of moralistic views. Sometimes, a story can be just for fun; a simple way to while away some time or to occupy the mind.

The fantastic thing about storytelling is that there are no limits, no rules or regulations. You can go anywhere, be anyone and see amazing things. All you need is an imagination – and we’ve all got one of those!

As always, thank you so much for reading my words, the time you have spent here is truly appreciated!

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