5 Tips for Marketing Yourself and Your Work

Hi everyone, I hope you’re well! Today I’m going to share some tips for marketing yourself and your work.

As an author, it’s important to be able to market yourself. It’s how you’ll sell books, build up an audience and get noticed. However, getting noticed is no easy feat. In fact, it can be pretty slow going for lots of writers, especially if you are self-publishing your work.
Authors who are traditionally published generally don’t have to worry about marketing and the like because the publishing house will usually take care of that side of things. So, to help give you a few ideas to get you started, here are:

5 Tips for Marketing Yourself and Your Work

1 Market Research
A good first step in marketing yourself is to narrow down and get to know your audience. You can do this by getting online or going to your local library to have a look at books similar to your own. To market you and your work properly, it will be helpful to know who will be reading your book. If you know who your target demographic is, you know whom to aim for in terms of marketing and promotion.

2 Author Website
Creating an author website is an excellent way to get your name and work out there. You can use your author website to promote your books, post snippets of stories and updates about upcoming releases, and even share about your writing process.

3 Design a Good Cover
More often than not, books are chosen based on how well the cover grabs a reader’s attention. Your cover should draw a reader in and give them an idea of the genre and perhaps even the style and tone of the book. Contrary to what we’d like to think, readers do tend to judge books by their covers, so the more eye-catching the better.

4 Social Media
Social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, are great marketing tools. You can, for example, start to build an audience using a social media platform to share updates on the status of your current project, and you can meet other like-minded writers. You can also join writing groups on social platforms and start building up your online presence.

5 Offer Freebies
Offering free downloads or free copies of your book can help to get your work out there. Furthermore, you could ask those you’ve given free copies to review your work. Honest reviews from readers can help build up your profile as an author.

As always, thanks for reading my words, it means a lot!

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