5 Tips for Designing your Book’s Cover

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well. Today I’m going to be sharing some tips for designing your book’s cover.

The cover is the first thing we see when we’re looking at books either online or in a physical bookstore, and it is arguably one of the most important aspects of marketing your work as an author. Without an eye-catching or interesting cover, potential buyers will be more likely to pass your book over – if they even notice it at all. With all that in mind, here are:

5 Tips for Designing your Book’s cover

1 Do some Research
When you’re thinking about how your book’s cover should look, it’s important to check out the market. What are the covers of books similar to yours like on the current bestsellers list? What do they have in common? Could you incorporate some similar attributes in your own design? By researching what is currently selling in the market, you will better be able to tell which sort of covers readers are most drawn to.

2 Consider Hiring an Artist
If you feel that the ‘designing’ part of being an indie author isn’t for you, you might want to think about hiring an artist to create a cover for you. Creating a great cover can be daunting and stressful and it’s a lot of work. After all, you want something great to create interest. The drawback here is that hiring an artist can be quite expensive and it’s not an option for all of us. However, if it is an option for you, it’s one worth looking into.

3 Grab your Reader’s Attention
Choose a strong colour pallet for your cover to help your book stand out. It may also be helpful to use bold, evocative imagery to induce an emotional response and help draw people in.

4 Show the Genre if Possible
It’s a good idea to show some sign of your book’s genre on the cover. You don’t need to be overt with this; a subtle hint will be enough. For example, if you were writing a romance story, you might include imagery that is symbolic of love on the cover, such as love hearts, wedding rings or even flowery fonts.

5 Show your Main Characters
Showing your characters on the cover is another good way of grabbing attention. Your characters may also give hints to the genre and tone of your book. A great character image can intrigue a reader and cause them to want to pick up your book to find out more.

As always, thanks for reading my words, it really means a lot!

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