Homonyms and Homophones

Homonyms and Homophones
In the English language, Homonyms – are words that sound the same and are spelt the same but have different meanings.
Homophones – are words that sound alike but are spelt differently and have different meanings.
Here are some examples of homonyms and homophones and their definitions.
Rose – this can mean ‘to have just gotten up’ and it is also ‘the name of a type of flower’.
Type – can mean ‘to sort or group things together’ and it can also mean ‘to write on a keyboard’.
Point – can mean ‘the tapered and sharpened end of a tool or weapon’ and it can also mean ‘to draw attention to something by extending ones index finger or with a handheld implement of some sort’.
Right – can be used to mean ‘correct’ and it can also be used ‘in reference to direction or position’.
Date – can mean ‘a particular day of the year’ and it can also mean ‘a social or romantic appointment’.
Pear and Pairpear is ‘the name of a type of fruit’ and pair means ‘two of something’ or ‘a couple’
Break and Brakebreak means ‘to divide into pieces’ or ‘to interrupt an action or process temporarily’ and brake means ‘to slow down or stop a vehicle in motion’.
Cellar and Sellercellar is used to refer to ‘a room below the ground level of a house’ and seller refers to ‘a person who sells something’.
Cereal and Serialcereal refers to ‘a grain used for food’ or ‘a breakfast food made from roasted grain’. Serial refers to something that ‘forms part of a series’ or ‘repeatedly committing the same offence’.
Bare and Bearbare can mean ‘naked and uncovered’ or ‘basic and simple’ and bear is ‘the name of a type of heavy mammal’ it can also mean ‘to carry’ or ‘to endure with difficulty’ or ‘to give birth to a child’.
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