Missing You

Missing YouHi everyone I hope you’re all well and busy doing whatever it is in life that excites you and gets your blood pumping!
I’m sharing another piece of free verse with you today. It’s my second attempt at writing this sort of poetry. This is what I’ve come up with.

Missing You

People say that everything gets better with time. But then they don’t know what it’s like to miss you. It’s been so long and the missing-you-ness is ever-growing. It’s like a wound that doesn’t heal. It just festers.
People say, ‘wasn’t so and so such a marvellous and kind person?’ and ‘Weren’t they lovely?’ And you were all of those things but also, so much more. They didn’t really know you.
People say life goes on. But then they’ve never had to go from seeing you every single day and thinking you’d be around forever, then in an instant, having you be gone and knowing they’ll never see your face or hear your voice again.
People say, remember when…? And I do remember when. I remember so much more than they do. I remember the ways you and I would scream at each other until of faces burned red. They would have never seen you like that. I miss that.
They say, ‘keep them in your memory and you keep them alive forever.’ But that’s just not true, is it? There are days, even weeks when – I’m ashamed to say – that I spare barely a thought to you. Life’s just like that. But then I’ll hear something, smell something that reminds me of you and you’ll be in my mind again- alive again. But it’s not forever. And you’re not really “alive”.
People say you never really get over it. Well, how well I understand that! It’s been such a long time and sometimes – like right now – I get pangs of sorrow so deep – an odd ache in my gut – and all I want is to speak to you. Because I miss you.
As always, thank you for spending your time reading my words. I really do appreciate it.
Until next time,
Words © 2019 GLT
Image from Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay

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  1. Well written…it conveys the sadness and longing. Hope it was therapeutic to get it out.

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