In The End…

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well! Have you noticed how time seems to be whizzing by lately? It seems that there’s barely time to turn around before another full month has gone by. It feels like the start of the year was just weeks ago and yet here we are in October. Sometimes I wish I could press pause and take time to acknowledge and experience every part of the day before it’s gone and a new day begins, but life just seems too busy for that doesn’t it?

Anyway, with all of that in mind, I’m sharing another poem with you today and I hope you enjoy it!

In The End…

In the end, there will be nothing
No you, no me – just dust
Our picket fences will have rotted
And our iron gates will be rust

Our presence will be eroded
And time will dissolve our bones
Eventually, everything fades away
Nothing’s forever carved in stone

One day this place will be empty
And our planet will surely mourn
Because the children she’d shared life with
Will no longer be born

There will be no more sweet birdsong
No bears, no trees, no fish
Not a single living organism
Will be left here to make a wish

One day the world’ll be different
All we’ve achieved will have disappeared
There’ll be no evidence of us anywhere
It will be like we were never here 

So let’s appreciate what we have right now
The end’s still so long away
Let’s not worry about the bigger picture
And keep our focus on today

As always thank you all for reading my words, I really appreciate it. I work really hard and it’s nice to know that I’m not just shouting into an echo chamber. 😊🥰

Until next time,


© 2021 GLT

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  1. lovely poem & so true. definitely should appreciate what we have here and now b/c we all won’t be here forever.

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  1. Where Has All The Time Gone – GEORGE L THOMAS

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