Take Me Away

Take Me Away

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well. I’m sharing a poem with you today, I hope you enjoy it.

Take Me Away

Take me away to a faraway place
Where the storm clouds cannot reach
Where the bluest water’s soft caress
Melts a white sand beach

Take me away to a mountain top
Where the air is clean and crisp
Where my mind can find its focus
Among the cloudy wisps

Take me away to an open plain
Where I can stretch out upon the ground
Where I can marvel at a starlit sky
While my hopes and dreams abound

Take me away to anywhere
Where I might find some peace of mind
Where I can let go of the stresses of life
Where my existence is not defined

Take me away – but then bring me back
Because for all that I bemoan
I love my loved ones far too dearly
To be away too long from home

As always, thank you for spending your valuable time with my words, I really appreciate it.

Until next time,


© 2019 GLT

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  1. We all need an escape sometimes. May you get yours soon…

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