There's one on almost every street

Haunted Houses

Hi everyone, I wrote this poem about haunted houses as a bit of fun, and I thought I’d share it with you all. I hope you enjoy it!

There’s a house on almost every street
That’s spoken of in hushed tones
A house with darkened windows
That seemingly, nobody owns

The paintwork has started peeling
And the woodwork seems to have rotten
The lawns are overgrown with weeds
As if the place has been forgotten

But these houses aren’t abandoned
Not in the truest sense
For, if you happen to stop outside
And lean against the fence

Through dusty windows, you’ll see spying eyes
Or maybe a sinister, ghostly grin
Just waiting for you to feel brave enough
To move closer and peer on in

And if you were inclined to do so
You had better do it fast
Before you’re grabbed by icy hands
And become a ghostly remnant of the past

There is a house on almost every street
One, we’re told, is full of spooks
But not the kind we see on TV
Or read about in books

The spooks inside are very real
And they can appear in day or night
They like to haunt the older houses
And hide away from the light

If your street has no such house
Then you may be luckier than most
Unless, of course, you just haven’t realised
That it’s your house that’s full of ghosts!

As always, thanks for reading my words, I appreciate your time!

Until next time,


© 2018 GLT



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