All Hallows’ Eve

Happy Halloween everyone! Since it’s the time of year for spooks and ghouls, I figured I’d share this poem that I wrote about Halloween. I hope you enjoy it!

All Hallows’ Eve

On All Hallows’ Eve when the hour is late
And the moon is shining bright
I’d recommend you lock  your doors
And hunker down for the night

For should you venture into the dark
You will surely wish you had
When you find yourself coming face to face
With something frightfully bad

You see, on this October night
An invisible veil comes down
Allowing the dead to haunt the living
While unspeakable creatures roam the towns

Hideous devils with sharpened horns
And demons hunting souls
Are just some of the horrors awaiting you
Should you decide to take a stroll

And if stroll you will, beyond the midnight hour
There’ll be witches out in force
Trying to find a tasty treat
To serve as their main course

Vampires, ghouls and goblins
Will all join forces for the night
And they’ll make it their very business
To terrorise all in sight

Though, should you decide to stay indoors
And ignore all those frightful creeps
Then they’ll pass your house without a thought
And leave you to your sleep

As always, thanks for spending your valuable time reading my words, and I hope you all have a spooktacularly fun, but safe Halloween!

Until next time


© 2018 GLT

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