Just a Nightmare in my Head?

Just a Nightmare in my Head

Hi everyone, I hope you’re well and that you’re all enjoying the Halloween season. I’m sharing something a little different today in the form of a fun little piece of rhyming flash fiction. I hope you enjoy it!

Just a Nightmare in my Head?

In the darkness there was silence
Save for the ticking of a clock
And drifting into peaceful sleep
I was wakened  by a knock

I thought at first I’d imagined it
My dreams often seemed so real
But laying there, heart racing
My blood ran cold as steel

For when I looked across the room
Towards my bedroom door
I saw something that made me shiver
Something I’d never seen before

A large silhouetted figure
The vague outline of a man
Was taking  steps towards me
And I jumped up and I ran

But I was trapped inside my room
Confined within my walls
Stuck there in the silence
Where no one could hear my calls

The presence glided near me
Its head cocked to the side
Its face fully indiscernible
Until its mouth opened wide

A grin of yellow sharpened teeth
Stretched from ear to ear
And the stench of eggs left in the sun
Grew stronger as he neared

I thought he might attack me
Or that my heart would just give out
By this point, I couldn’t even breathe
And I couldn’t even shout

But this menace bent before me
And ignoring my whimpering cries
He placed a hand atop my head
And then opened up his eyes

For a moment they were red with fire
And my skin began to burn
But then they closed and vanished
Along with the thing in turn

Then my eyes were opening
In the early morning gloom
And the ticking of the clock
Still filled the silence of my room

Gasping and drenched in ice-cold sweat
I lay bewildered in my bed
Wondering if the thing was real
Or just a nightmare in my head

As always, thank you for reading, it really means a lot!

Until next time,


© 2020 GLT

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