Hi everyone, I’m sharing another poem with you today. I was inspired to write this one after watching a paranormal documentary that creeped me out a bit – not due to the subject matter as such – but more to do with that feeling you get when you’re watching something a bit spooky on your own in the dark. Sometimes, when you know you’re alone, it can feel as though there are eyes on you, or sometimes when you look into the dark corners of the room it can seem as though the darkness is getting darker.

Regardless of whether you believe in ‘the paranormal’, I think we’ve all experienced those moments described above and so I’m sure a lot of you will be able to relate. I hope you enjoy it!


I know it’s there, I feel it
In how the room takes on a chill
And how my nerves begin to tingle
As the air turns strangely still

I know there’s something watching
I can sense it’s burning glare
Waiting for its moment
To let me know it’s there

My breath fogs up in front of me
And there’s a shiver down my back
As all the corners of the room
Slowly turn to black

Tendrils of shadow reach for me
But I’m too scared to run away
And the room fills up with darkness
Banishing the day

The darkness reaches forward
And I hold my eyes shut tight
While I will myself to imagine
An eruptive inner light

And suddenly the room is warm
The darkness washed away
That inner light has saved me
If only for today

As always, thanks so much for reading my words – it really means a lot!

Until next time,


© 2019 GLT

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  1. Next time don’t be afraid. Embrace the shade and see where it goes.

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