Of Shadow and Moonlight

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well! I’m sharing another poem today. I hope you enjoy it! Of Shadow and Moonlight Wandering, as I’m apt to doAround the house all through the nightI’m often rapt by the formless shapesBorn of shadow… Read More ›


Hello all, I hope you’re all well and fulfilled in whatever it is you love to do! Today, I’m sharing another poem with you, I hope you enjoy it. Fear I’m that little zip of movement That shadow on the… Read More ›

The Shadow Man

Hi everyone, I hope your all well and having a wonderfully creative and productive day, excelling in whatever it is you have going on right now. Today I’m sharing a short piece of narrative non-fiction about the first time I… Read More ›


Hi everyone, I’m sharing another poem with you today. I was inspired to write this one after watching a paranormal documentary that creeped me out a bit – not due to the subject matter as such – but more to… Read More ›

Shadow Creep

Hi everyone! As you may have noticed, I’ve really gotten into writing poetry lately; I find that it’s an excellent way to release some creative energy. So, after becoming inspired by a few recent bouts of sleep paralysis, I thought… Read More ›