The Magic of A Book

There's magic within the pages of a bookHi everyone, I hope you’re all living creatively fulfilled lives and are fully embracing the Autumn weather.

I love to read, as I’ve spoken about a few times, and I always try to encourage my young nephews to read as much as possible because really, where would we be without books? It’s my love of reading and the magic found within the pages of a good book that have inspired my poem today; I hope you enjoy it!

The Magic of A Book

To me a book is magical
It can do many a wondrous thing
It can take you to faraway planets
Or to have tea with an old English king

You can deep-sea dive with a mermaid
Or visit the old American west
You can see fairies and elves and ogres too
Or be a hero on an unending quest

A book is a thing of magnificence
A journey waiting to be had
It’s a portal to take you to anywhere
To tea parties, where the hatters are mad

With a book, you can smile when your feeling sad
Or it can be completely the other way round
You can get totally lost in its pages
And not ever need to be found

You can never be bored with a book in your hands
There’s always somewhere to be
There’s plenty of things to experience
And there’s always something to see

A book can help you to sleep as well
If you read it in bed of a night
And the lands from the pages may enter your dreams
When you shut your eyes to sleep tight.

Yes, a book can do a great many things
There’s magic hidden within
So grab your favourite and settle down
Turn the first page and begin…

As always, thank you for reading my words, it really does mean a lot!
Until next time,


© 2019 GLT

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