Melancholy Mermaid

Hi everyone, I hope you’re well! I’m sharing a poem today. I hope you like it!

Melancholy Mermaid

Watching and waiting just on the shore
Not sure yet who she should be
She swishes glumly in the surf
As she dreams of climbing trees

She watches the dolphins all twirling
Feeling such jealousy for their glee
What she wouldn’t give just to sample
Only a droplet of their esprit

She’s trapped by what’s expected of her
And she lives fully in ennui
Limited to the watery deep
When there’s so much world to see

Her peers seem to be most contented
All toeing the line dutifully
But something keeps pulling shoreward
And she basks up there regularly

She thinks of leaving for somewhere else
But would she ever be free?
Or would her restless, churning mind
Keep her washed up in life’s debris?

She would like to lead another life
And to redevelop her ki
She’s tired of living her day to day
And of herself to some degree

So there she sits, in the golden sun
For perhaps an hour or three
Dreaming daily of her escape
And of a life beyond the sea

As always thanks for reading, I really do appreciate it!

Until next time,


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