Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well and that you’re all enjoying your summer. The unbearable heat we’ve seen of late in the North seems to have given way to an early Autumnal feel. I wrote this poem when it was a tad warmer. I hope you enjoy it.


Each leaf and blade of grass rejoice
Turning towards the light
As the morning rays of sunshine
banish away the night

As birds awaken, taking flight
Their wings stroked by golden hands
The world below is waking up
To a lush and sun-soaked land

Awash with warmth, the bathers bathe
Browning in the heat
Napping on sandy beaches
The sea lapping at their feet

And when the warmth of sun recedes
As the golden king descends
The world begins to cool again
Until the night time ends

As always, thank you for reading!

Until next time,


© 2019 GLT

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