Hi everyone I hope you’re all well! Since we’re within a day of the autumn equinox (23rd September) at the time of posting, I thought I would share this little poem with you. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you find it as evocative of the upcoming season as I do.


Lifted by a gentle breeze
And tossed into the air
I tumbled freely through the world
Without a single care

My journey was just seconds long
Once I’d felt the kiss of cold
My skin, that once was verdant green
had aged to red and gold

A kaleidoscope of colours
Swept by me as I passed
Then I came to rest eternally
And experienced my last

But briefly, I was untethered
And it was nice to simply be
Then too fast it was all over
But for a moment I was free!

As always, thank you very much for spending some of your time here with me today.

Until next time,


© 2022 GLT

Categories: Creative Writing, Poetry

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  1. I enjoyed your poem, I shall think of that leaf next time I see one floating down.

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