Confused Words 9

Hi everyone, I hope today finds you all fit and well! I had a little bit of spare time today so I decided to write another round of Confused Words. I haven’t posted one in a little while and it’s one of my favourite types of posts to write. Anyway, without further ado, here are another six groups of confused Words.

Aid, Aide
Aid: this word is used to denote someone or something that is of help or support. For example, paramedics give medical ‘aid‘ to those in need.
Aide: is used when you’re talking about someone who assists an important person. For instance, the King’s ‘aide‘ was his closest confidant.

Tale, Tail
Tale: is used in reference to a story one either tells or reads. For instance, the father gathered the children around the campfire to regale them with ghostly ‘tales’.
Tail: is the word you would use to describe the hindmost appendage of certain animals. For example, dogs wag their ‘tails’ when they’re happy.

Hew, Hue
Hew: is used when referring to the action of chopping something such as wood or coal with an axe or another tool. For example, once felled, trees are then ‘hewn’, transforming the logs into lumber.
Hue: is the word you would use when referring to colours and shades. For instance, roses are found in a variety of different ‘hues’.

Manor, Manner
Manor: this word is used to describe a large country house and its surrounding land. For example, the large ‘manor‘ house had been built in the sixteenth century.
Manner: is used when you are referencing someone’s behaviour or the way that something is done. For instance, he always sat in a relaxed ‘manner‘.

Allude, Elude
Allude: this word is used in reference to a hint, or something that is talked about indirectly. For example, she ‘alluded’ to the fact that she’d had an affair.
Elude: is used when you’re talking about avoiding or escaping from a pursuer, especially in a cunning way. It can also be used when referring to something someone has failed to obtain. For example, the prisoner attempted to ‘elude’ the guards. The truth ‘eluded’ her.

Asteroid, Meteoroid, Meteor, Meteorite, Comet
Asteroid: is used in reference to small rocky bodies within the inner solar system which orbit the sun. For example, most ‘asteroids’ are found in the ‘asteroid’ belt located between the orbits of the planets Mars and Jupiter.
Meteoroid: is used to describe chunks of rock that have broken off from asteroids. For example, two colliding asteroids will result in a number of ‘meteoroids’.
Meteor: is used to describe a meteoroid that has entered Earth‘s atmosphere. It becomes a ‘meteor‘ when it begins to vaporise. For instance, we had a clear view of the ‘meteor’ shower from atop the hill.
Meteorite: this is used when referring to any solid or rocky remains of a meteor. For example, many ‘meteorites’ found on Earth originate from Mars.
Comet: is used in reference to celestial bodies which are made up of mostly ice and dust instead of rock. When warmed, as they pass the sun, they develop a tail of gas and dust. For example, Halley’s ‘Comet‘ enters Earth‘s neighbourhood approximately once every seventy-five years.

As always, thank you for reading my words, I appreciate it immeasurably!

Until next time,


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