A bond by blood is a special thing

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well and enjoying your summer holidays. Today I’m sharing another poem and this one was inspired by my lovely nephew who recently came to live with us. I hope you enjoy it.


A bond by blood is a special thing
It means that wherever you are
You’ll always have me on your side
No matter how near or how far

I will always have time for your troubles
In your crises, I’ll be at your side
There’s nothing that you cannot tell me
And nothing that you’d need to hide

And though our lives may, at times, diverge
Our paths won’t stray too far off track
Sooner or later we’ll need one another
And we’ll always find our way back

Our bond can never be broken
‘Cause we’re connected in the deepest of ways
We’ll always be a part of each other
Because we share the same DNA

As always, thank you for reading my words. I can never say this enough  – I really do appreciate you spending your time reading my work, it means a lot!

Until next time,


© 2019 GLT

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