Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well. I’m trying something a little bit different today. I’m always writing poems and all of them rhyme – because that’s just what I like – but I’ve been experimenting with free verse poetry and today I’m sharing what I’ve come up with.


My label says handle with care,
but it’s not my label, it’s theirs.
They’ve stamped it across my chest in big red letters.
It says ‘fragile’, because they want the world to know.

They pat my head, squeeze my shoulder,
And with tilted heads, they smile and say, ‘You’ll be strong again soon.’
The more they tell me I’m not strong,
The easier it is to believe that I’m not

Some days, it’s easy to live up to their label,
Sometimes, I want to sleep all day – to hide from the world
Sometimes I cry out to the universe,
Begging for the strength they say I don’t have.

But, I’m stronger than they realise – that even I realise.
I remember having strength before – I feel it still, deep down.
It’s been hiding, I realise,
Buried beneath their label.

I’ve learned, now, that strength comes from living,
And I’m here, still alive – still breathing.
Going on gives me strength.
Struggling allows me to see proof of its existence within me.

Today, I am strong. I’m holding together well.
I may once have needed that label ‘fragile’
And may well need it again in the future,
But for now, I’ll stand strong and look forward – and see how I go.

As always, thanks for reading, it means a lot!

Until next time,


© 2019 GLT

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  1. I’m not a big fan of free verse but this one is done well. It’s not merely wiring a few sentences and calling it a poem and “who are you to tell me this isn’t poetry”. It actually fits well. You’ve got a talent for poetry. I haven’t read all of your poems but do you have any that are intricate and layered? Or maybe that’s a new challenge in the coming days! Ib look forward to reading more.

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