The Forest at the End of the Year

The Forest at the End of the Year

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had an amazing holiday period and that you enjoy tonight and let go of everything that’s held you back this year so that you’re able to throw yourself fully into the new year ahead.

I’m sharing a poem with you today, and the inspiration for this one came from a dream I had. I hope you enjoy it.

The Forest at the End of the Year

The winter forest comes alive
With the magic of falling snow
The slumbering trees creak and groan
Blanketed in its glittering glow
Moonlight warms the chilly ground
And the night creatures come out to play
Truces are sought, temporarily
In a marvellous display
The owls give up the chase of mice
Anxious hedgehogs relax their stance
The foxes and the badgers mingle
And the fireflies start to dance
Only once, at the end of the year
Does this harmony descend
As the creatures come together
To watch the old year end
Then once the night gives in to day
The armistice is no more
The world resets, another year
And the animals resume their war
As always, thank you for reading my words, I appreciate it immeasurably.
Until next time,
© 2019 GLT

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