Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well and keeping healthy as we start this brand new year. Let’s hope it’s better than last, eh? I mean, I don’t wanna say, ‘how could it be worse…?” but…

Anyway, I’m sharing a poem with you today, and I hope you enjoy it!


The world has gone bananas
We’re not allowed to touch
Were supposed to stay six feet away
And it can all feel a little much

There’s been panic buying in the stores
There’s been terror on the news
And everyone and their granny
Are yelling their opinions and their views

And times have gotten rather tough
There’s no denying that
And within these strange new rules we have
It’s hard to know how to act

But we must adhere to the rules for now
We must be smart in what we do
It’s down to the individual
To think of the many and not of the few

When possible, we must all stay home
To protect those who need protecting
For although you may have no symptoms 
You could still very well be infecting

And soon it will all be over
The vaccines will have been doled out
And with lower rates of infection
We’ll be able to be out and about

So after living through this awful time
Let’s wish for a better year
Let’s build ourselves a better world
Full of love, light and respair

As always, thanks for spending your time with my words, and Happy New Year!

Until next time,


© 2021 GLT

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