There’s No Place Like Home For Christmas

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all feeling festive and enjoying the holiday season so far!
I love Christmas, as a lot of you may have gathered, and I have written a bucket load o’ Christmas and winter-themed poems and stories over the years wherein I describe some of my favourite bits of the season.

My most favourite parts, however, are the traditions – the bits that we keep exactly the same every single year you know, the same food, same songs (Mariah Carey and Rudolph, I’m looking at you) and often even the same people. There’s a sort of comfort in that, I think. There’s a security in nostalgia, like perhaps if we don’t do the same things over and over, then nothing will ever feel the same again, and the memories of all our happy times might disintegrate into tiny clouds of glitter.

Anyway, I could wax lyrical about Christmas forever but we’re here for a poem! So, without further ado, here is:

There’s No Place Like Home For Christmas

There’s no place like home for Christmas
Where everything’s always the same
Where the same old familiar faces
Play the same old familiar games

Where the tree stands askew in the corner
An explosion of red, green and gold
Around which all of us listen and laugh
To stories forever retold

Where we all eat and drink ’til we’re merry
And we all wear our bright paper crowns
Laughing and joking and making a mess
An ensemble of big Christmas clowns

Where, in the evening, we’ll gather up close
And sing carols right into the night
Keeping warm by a crackling log on the fire
In the glow of the tree’s twinkling light

There’s no place like home for Christmas
And there are no others who I’d rather see
Than those wonderfully, lovable creatures
Who I treasure as my family

As always, thank you very much for spending time here with me today, I really do appreciate it!

Merry Christmas! And until next time,


© 2021 GLT

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