Hi everyone, I hope you’re all feeling very well indeed! As we head further into winter and the Christmas season, I’ve been thinking more and more about traditions and where they began, and I recently came across an article that you can find here, about the origins of Yule. It made for a very interesting read and inspired me to write a poem about it, which I’m sharing with you today. I hope you enjoy it.


The Yuletide is upon us
It’s time to find ourselves a log
We’ll set out for the wintry woods
After a hearty nip of grog

Wrapped warmly in our woollies
For a hefty bole, we’ll hunt
And we’ll all help carry it homeward
Two behind and two in front

Then beginning on Christmas Day
We will set the log alight
And we’ll keep the fire burning
Right on through until Twelfth Night

In the flames, we’ll whisper wishes
As we sit and warm our hands
We’ll wish for the sun’s safe return
To warm up the frozen lands

Then once flames turn into embers
The ash, we will gather up
And we’ll bury it in the garden
With high hopes it’ll bring good luck

As always, thank you for reading my words, I spend an awful lot of time writing and it’s nice to know that someone’s reading it!

Until next time,


© 2021 GLT

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