Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls

Hello everyone! December is here! Where did that come from? It feels like the new year was just weeks ago, It’s gone by so fast.

When I was growing up, December 1st was an important day for two reasons: first of all, it meant our advent calendars would be hung (higher than our tiny arms could reach) and so would begin a whole month of having chocolate every day (!) and secondly, and possibly most importantly, the Christmas decorations would go up.
Our old, falling-apart tree — so old we may have inherited it from the dinosaurs — would be dragged out of the cupboard under the stairs and the battered and broken baubles, ornaments and lights would be hung on it before it was draped in a rainbow of tinsel and moved into the corner of the living room.
Though I no longer have an advent calendar, I have, for the most part, tried to keep hold of our family’s old Christmas traditions. With my parent’s no longer being with us, I feel it brings them near somehow if I do everything like we used to when we were kids. It’s daft really, but if you can’t be sentimental about Christmas, when can you?

Anyway, I was feeling inspired this morning, so I thought I’d share a new poem with you all. I hope you enjoy it!

Deck the Halls

Christmastime is fast approaching
So it’s time to deck the halls
We’ll spend hours untangling Christmas lights
And rethreading shiny balls

We’ll leave trails of tinsel in our wake
And there’ll be glitter all over the floor
There’ll be bits of broken bauble too
And a balding wreath to go on the door

The streamers will be in tatters
The cardboard Rudolph will be all bent
And we’ll be sure that last year, there was more than this
And we’ll wonder where it went

Each Christmas brings the same old ritual
Of unpacking our worn out things
But we wouldn’t change a bit of it
Because of the memories they bring

Every one of these decorations
Holds meaning in some way
And they hold the stress, the joy and love
Of every Christmas day

As always, thank you for reading my words, I do appreciate your time!

Until next time,


© 2018 GLT

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  1. Love this,Christmas is all about those childhood traditions 😊😊

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  2. What a festive poem! 🙂 I love it

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