When I Know It’s Christmas

When I Know It's Christmas

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well and that you’re all starting to get into the holiday spirit – yes, I know there’s still about a month ’til Christmas, but it’s never really too early is it? It’s not for me anyway, and so I thought I would help ease you all into the coming season with a poem about When I know It’s Christmas. I hope you enjoy it.

When I Know It’s Christmas

When the scent of cinnamon fills the air
And snow is falling everywhere
When choruses of carols blare
That’s when I know it’s Christmas

When shops start stocking extra toys
And excited kids make extra noise
When people are full of festive joys
That’s when I know it’s Christmas

When there are pantomimes and school plays
And kids are on school holidays
And when there are cosy fires ablaze
That’s when I know it’s Christmas

When we trot the decorations out
And mistletoe hangs over every pout
When presents are opened with happy shouts
That’s when I know it’s Christmas

When the family have all been fed
And the kids have finally gone to bed
When all season’s greetings have been said
That’s when I know it’s Christmas

As always, thank you very much for reading, I really do appreciate your time!

Until next time,


© 2019 GLT

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16 replies

  1. This poetry took me into a holiday mood. But Christmas seems so far away yet so near.
    Heartfelt piece of work!


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  2. I know it’s Christmas when the shops here start playing Boney M 😬

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  3. I think it’s a time of year where most of us put aside our stuff and get along. That’s nice.

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