Hi everyone, I hope you’re all having a wonderful winter and that you’re all managing to keep warm. Today I’m sharing a poem which has been inspired by the many (false) weather warnings we seem to have had lately. I hope you enjoy it.


I watch the snow fall slowly
Drifting, delicate flakes
It covers the ground in an even sheet
Like icing covers cakes

People rush to play out in it
Woolly hats upon their heads
Climbing atop the steepest hills
To glide down them on their sleds

There are children throwing snowballs
And building their snowmen tall
Then the snow transforms like magic
As darkness begins to fall

It takes on a glittering sparkle
Reflecting the yellow light
From the windows and the streetlamps
Which are lighting up the night

Snow doesn’t last forever though
So on every snowy day
I’ll grab my boots and head outside
Before it melts away

As always, thank you for reading my words!

Until next time


© 2019 GLT

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  1. It’s Summer down here, but thank you for painting a lovely picture of what must be a lovely annual occurrence for you guys up North.

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    • Thanks Yacoob! While it is absolutely wonderful when it snows, it feels like the older I get, the rarer snow seems to be. I dont know how true that is, but it certainly feels like that. I can’t imagine summer in December, but I guess that’s just the norm for you 😂

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