When the World Rested

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well and feeling hopeful for the future. In England from yesterday (May 17th 2021), the country entered a new stage of lessening the Covid-19 lockdown measures.
It’s been a tough old slog for most of us, and I think, as a global community,  we’ve learned a lot over the last year and a half. Hopefully, as we look to the future, we can remember this time – the time the whole world took a break – as a time of learning – about the planet, society and ourselves – and for those of us in England, let’s appreciate the fact that we live in an area that is doing fairly well at the moment in terms of infection rates. Anyway, I’m sharing this little poem with you today, I hope you enjoy it.

When the World Rested

When sickness spread across the world
And life was put on pause
The earth inhaled a healing breath
As the people stayed indoors

Our polluted air began to clear
And wildlife strayed from home
Wandering through our empty streets
With newfound freedom now to roam

We’ve been forced to take a societal break
And told to just be still
While people all around the world
Tried their best to not get ill

And People have shown their kindness
And not just to those they know
This break’s shown us how our lives can be
If we let our humanity show

But our break, it will be ending soon
Life will be as it was before
We’ll be back to hugging the ones we love
Instead of chatting from behind closed doors

We’ll need to make some changes
And keep the lessons we’ve all learned
But if we keep working together
We’ll have a future that’s well earned

As always, thank you so much for reading my words and spending your time with me today!

Until next time,


© 2021 GLT

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