Christmas Eve

Hi Everyone! It’s Christmas Eve already if you can believe it! It sometimes feels as though I’ve blinked and whole months have passed me by.

I love Christmas and it’s always over far too quickly for my liking, so I’m trying to just be present and live ‘in the moment’ so to speak and enjoy it while it lasts. With that in mind, I’ve written a poem about Christmas Eve, which I’m sharing with you all today, so I hope you enjoy it!

Christmas Eve

We all wear new pyjamas
And drink cocoa by tree-light
We sing some Christmas carols
Then it’s time to say goodnight

We all have trouble sleeping
When we hop into our beds
We lie awake, excited
While thoughts of presents fill our heads

Then once we are all dozing
The man in red appears
He eats the treats we’ve left out for him
And takes carrots for his reindeer

Then, leaving gifts beneath the tree
For us to open when we rise
He disappears into the night
To ride his sleigh across the sky

As always, thank you for reading my words, I appreciate you spending your time with me.

Merry Christmas!


© 2018 GLT

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