Interesting Collective Nouns 2

After falling down another collective noun rabbit hole earlier today, I thought that I’d share another ten that jumped out at me.

Interesting Collective Nouns 2

‘Entrance’ is the collective name for a group of actresses. An entrance of actresses.

‘Crash’ is the term used for a group of Rhinoceroses. I think that’s apt. A crash of rhinoceroses.

‘Paddling’ is the name for a group of ducks, but only when they’re on the water. A paddling of ducks. A collection of flying ducks is called a ‘plump’, and a collection of diving ducks is called a dopping’.

Staying with fowl, ‘ballet’ is the collective noun for a group of swans. A ballet of swans. A group of flying swans is known as a ‘wedge’.

‘Worship’ is the name for a group of writers. A worship of writers.

‘Hand’ is the word for a group of bananas (perhaps because they look like fingers?) although the word ‘bunch’ works just as well I think. A hand of bananas.

‘Prance’ is the collective term for a group of equestrians. A prance of equestrians.

‘Sprig’ is the name for a group of vegetarians. A sprig of vegetarians.

‘Pan’ is the name for a group of reviewers. A pan of reviewers.

‘Twaddle’ is the word for a group of public speakers. A twaddle of public speakers.

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