Interesting Collective Nouns 4

Hi everyone I hope you’re all well! Its been a while since I’ve had cause to go looking in the dark recess of the interwebs for a collective name for something, but someone told me what the collective term for giraffes was, and I found myself googling it to see if it was true because it just seemed so perfect a word (it is true and it’s in this list).

Having opened that can of worms, I found myself losing a good hour trying to find some other collective nouns I’d not heard before. Here are ten of them.

Interesting Collective Nouns 4

Loveliness‘ is the collective noun for a group of ladybirds. A Loveliness of ladybirds.

Business‘ is the name for a group of ferrets. A business of ferrets.

Skulk‘ can be used to describe a group of thieves. A skulk of thieves.

Rumour has it that ‘Nest‘ is the collective name for a collection of rumours (but I’d not spread it around). A nest of rumours.

Shiver‘ can be used to describe a gathering of sharks (hopefully you’d never need to know this one!) A shiver of sharks.

Phalanx‘ is the term for a group of umbrellas. A phalanx of umbrellas.

Shower‘ can be used in reference to a group of meteorologists (rather fittingly I’d say.) A shower of meteorologists.

Soufflé‘ can be used to describe a gathering of clouds. A soufflé of clouds.

Drunkship‘ is the collective name for a group of cobblers. A drunkship of cobblers.

Tower‘ (and this is my favourite on this list) is the collective name for a group of giraffes. A tower of giraffes.

As always, thank you for sharing your time with me!

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