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  • Writing Short Stories

    Once upon a time...

         The first thing you should know before you begin to write a short story is: start in the middle! You might well be throwing your hands up in exasperation right now and saying to yourself, ‘well that’s just madness! Why… Read More ›

  • Even More Confused Words

    Confused Words

    Procrastination, my oldest nemesis, has set in once again and so in an attempt to motivate myself I’m back with ‘Even More Confused Words‘. They are: Assure, Ensure, Insure Assure: is used when you are trying to make certain of… Read More ›

  • Writer’s Block

    Power through writer's block

    Many of us have struggled our way through writer’s block at one point or another. It is a condition, or rather a state of mind where the brain seems to have decided to stop cooperating and enters a sort of creative shutdown…. Read More ›

  • Further Writing Tips

    Writing Tips

    Just when you thought that there could not possibly be another single writing tip in the whole of existence left unexplored, I come along and drop another six on you!      So here we go with a ‘further’ six… Read More ›

  • Creating an Outline with Index Cards

    Index cards are Idea for outlining

         All you need to create your outline are 60 index cards, a pen or a marker of some sort and a large space in which to spread out the cards.      This method utilises the Three Act Structure which… Read More ›

  • The Christmas Lights, Fantastic!

    Christmas lights, fantastic!

    Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well! This is another little piece that I wrote for a creative writing course. It is a very accurate little snapshot of what life must have been like for my parents in raising a… Read More ›

  • More Confused Words

    Confused Words

    Hello again everyone!      It’s been a rather slow morning, creatively speaking so in hopes of jumpstarting my brain, here are some more of those words which look or sound similar but have entirely different meanings. Whether, Weather Whether: is… Read More ›