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  • How to Not be a “Starving Writer”


    Originally posted on A Writer's Path:
    ? by Sheree Crawford Writing can pay. No seriously. Ok, so the average author earns less than the Living Wage (hell, they sometimes earn less than the Minimum Wage), but the great thing about writing…

  • Point of View

    It's important to choose the right P.O.V.

    There are four main points of view when it comes to writing fiction: first-person (I, Me, We), the rarely used second-person (You), third-person limited and third-person omniscient (He, She, They). The point of view through which your story will be… Read More ›

  • Why It’s Important to tell Stories

    Storytelling is an integral part of growing up and has been since long before the advent of the written word. In fact, stories probably predate language if you take into account cave drawings made by our prehistoric ancestors. Once language… Read More ›

  • The 27 Chapter Outline

    Outlining in 27 chapters

    There are many different ways to outline a story from a simple bullet list of events to a more detailed description of each and every single scene. The 27 chapter outline seems to be a mixture. I came across this… Read More ›

  • The Importance of Reading if you want to Write

    If you want to be a writer, or even if you would just like to improve or hone your writing skills, the first thing that I would suggest you do is read. A book can hold a lot of power… Read More ›

  • Confused Words 2

    Hi everyone, here’s another post about words that are oft confused for various reasons and just as I have done with the Writing Tips posts, I’m switching to a numbering sequence in the title instead of a synonym for ‘more’… Read More ›

  • Ignoring Self-doubt

    Ignore Self-doubt!

      I talk a lot about practising your craft, and that’s because it’s true; by writing, we become better writers. When you look back over some of the older pieces you have written, you’ll be able to see how much… Read More ›