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  • 5 Awesome Tips for Writing Brilliant Blog Posts

    Antony Agnel If you have just stepped into blogging or have been blogging for long but yet to see the results, do not put down your hopes yet. Every single blogger has the potential to become a brilliant writer over… Read More ›

  • Yet More Confused Words

    Confused Words

    Hi, everyone, I’m in a creative lull at the moment, so I decided to post some more often Confused Words. Patience, Patients Patience: this word is used when talking about the ability of someone to put up with the incompetence of… Read More ›

  • Who Is A Writer?

    A writer, hard at work

    Originally posted on Giggles & Tales:
    A writer is simply someone who writes. People write for different reasons and on different platforms and your reason for writing and your platform will to some extent, determine your writing style. For example,…

  • Revising Your Work

    Revising your manuscript takes time

    Revising is another essential part of the writing process, and although some people like to use editing as an interchangeable term for both editing and revising, it is a separate thing altogether. Personally, I prefer to revise my work after… Read More ›

  • Editing Your Work – The Basics

    Edit with a red pen to offset the black

    Editing can be a tricky process, especially when editing your own work. The problem is that you’ve spent an awful lot of time on this project and you’ve grown attached to every single sentence and every single word. It is your… Read More ›

  • Additional Writing Tips

    Writing Tips

    In taking a break from the ever-increasing amount of research I need for my current project, I decided to research some more writing tips.  This way I can shift focus and give my brain a little break while still staying in… Read More ›

  • How to Come Up with 50 Ideas in Under 30 Minutes! (6 min read)

    Originally posted on Millionaire's Digest:
    Before you start, some quick rules: The idea behind this exercise is quantity, not necessarily quality. You might come up with some junk ideas as you race to write them down, but at least you’ll…