When the Piano Starts to Play

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well. Im sharing another poem with you today, and I hope you enjoy it!

When the Piano Starts to Play

When the piano starts to play
Feel it lapping against your core
Like the ripples of an ocean
Lapping gently against the shore

When the piano starts to play
Move with the tinkle of the keys
Move like a gold, autumnal leaf
Swaying upon a gentle breeze

When the piano starts to play
Breathe with the calming soothing sound
And close your eyes and find a place
Where tranquil peace of mind is found

When the piano player stops
Then you must teach yourself to play
To keep the music flowing free
And have it lift you ev’ry day

As always, thank you for reading my words, I really do appreciate it.

Until next time,


© 2023 GLT

Categories: Creative Writing, Poetry

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