Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: My Favourite Food

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well! Today is blog post seven in the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews. If you’d like to check out the list of topics for 2023 and take part, you can find it here, and if you want to read about how others have responded to today’s topic, you can check them out here.

Today’s topic is:

My favourite Food

Not too long ago, this post would have been impossible to write. As I’ve said before, I spent so long thinking about food in the most unhealthy ways, leading to eating disorders and all kinds of other stuff I won’t bore you with now.
It’s taken me such a long time to even talk about it all, and before this weekly challenge, I’d only ever spoken with my family about it outside of therapy. Thanks to Long and Short Reviews, I’ve been able to free myself a little by being a little more open.

The whole subject of food is a little complicated for me for the reasons above, but there’ve only been two prompts on the subject, and there aren’t any more in the rest of the challenge, so I instead of skipping a week, I decided to plough right in.

Firstly, I’ll say this: for me, food is not as exciting as it might be for some. I have my all-time favourite food like most people, and then I have food that I consider safe (i.e. non triggering) for me to eat.

My safe foods are basically what I spoke about in the last food-related topic ‘What I Eat in the Average Day‘, and consist of a protein shake, seeds and a mix of fruits and vegetables.

It’s taken me a long time to build up to consuming what I do currently. I’ve been battling this particular demon for a while now, which has seen me go from, at one time, eating nothing at all or sometimes ice or cucumber to slowly building up ‘safe’ foods.

I suppose it’s a bit like exposure therapy; I add various foods that make me feel uncomfortable at first and, slowly, over time (though I’ve had to learn to ignore the panicking voice in my head), I get used to it. That’s how it goes; now and then, I add a little something more and then a little something more.

Now… in a perfect world where I didn’t develop disordered eating and everything that goes with it, I’d probably still be eating my favourite meal, which used to be chicken casserole (made with a meat substitute because I’m a vegetarian). We make it by mixing a packet of Coleman’s chicken casserole mix (which is actually vegan friendly) with water and placing it in a casserole dish with, Quorn pieces, mushrooms, onions, garlic and a couple of diced carrots. Then it cooks in the oven for about an hour (or until it bubbles out of the dish).
It’s wonderfully easy to cook, and it tastes magnificent. I’ve not eaten it in about five years, but I’m sure I’ll get back to eating it again at some point. I’m hopeful, anyway.

I used to say things like ‘I’m never eating this or that ever again’, and at the moment I’d say it, I’d really mean it. But over time, you start to heal, and how you think about things starts to change. It’s definitely getting easier, and although it’s difficult at times, life is getting good!

Anyway, I think I’ve droned on about food for an annoying amount of time, so I think I’ll leave it there! I look forward to reading all your posts!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Until next time,


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11 replies

  1. So long as what you eat is nutritionally sound, keep growing.


  2. I absolutely love this food! I never thought I’d like it, but it’s my new favourite!

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  3. I’m glad you’re building back up, and the chicken casserole sounds amazing.

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  4. Keep building and moving forward. You have come so far and to be able to work through these topics is a huge step. Congrats! Also – I do eat chicken but your version of the casserole sounds delicious.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks for stopping by yesteday…and I’m so proud of you for getting out of your comfort zone. Congratulations on your continued healing! And, I’m so going to try your chicken casserole recipe. It sounds great.

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  6. Sounds like a delicious chicken casserole!

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  7. That does sound like a very good chicken casserole.

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