Confused Words 15

Hi everyone I hope you’re all well and that you’re all feeling fulfilled in your creative endeavours. Today, I’m sharing another round of commonly confused words, I hope you find it interesting.

Ultimate, Penultimate
Ultimate: is the word you’d use if you want to refer to something that is final. It can also refer to something which is seen to be the best. For example, they made it to their ‘ultimate‘ destination. It was the ‘ultimate‘ family vacation
Penultimate: is used to refer to something that is second to last. For example, the excitement was building in the ‘penultimate‘ episode, ready for the finale.

Whiskey, Whisky
Whiskey: is used in reference to the drink made in Ireland. For example, Irish ‘whiskey‘.
Whisky: is used to refer to the same drink when it’s made in Scottland. For example, Scotch ‘Whisky‘.

Council, counsel
Council: is the word you’d use if you want to refer to a body of people elected to manage city or county affairs. It can also refer to an advisory body that formally meets regularly. For example, the city ‘council‘ keeps promising to resurface the dangerous roads. The UN Security ‘Council‘ is responsible for helping maintain international peace and security.
Counsel: is used in reference to guidance sought from either a professional, a trusted friend or a confidant. It can also refer to a legal advisor in a court case. For example, she always sought the ‘counsel‘ of her wise professor. The defendant has a right to legal ‘counsel‘.

Pier, Jetty
Pier: is the word used to describe a platform projecting from the shore to the sea. For instance, they walked along the coast, stopping for ice cream on the ‘pier‘.
Jetty: is used when you’re describing a landing stage where boats can be moored. For example, she jumped ashore and tethered the boat to the small wooden ‘jetty‘.

Dependant, Dependent
Dependant: is used in reference to a person who relies on another person such as a parent or other family member for financial support. For example, she was a single woman with three ‘dependants’.
Dependent: is used when you are referring to something that is reliant or contingent on something else, for example, the type of benefits you are entitled to will be ‘dependent‘ on the length of your service.

Proceed: means to begin or move forward. For example, he was allowed to ‘proceed‘ with his plan.
Precede: is used to describe something that comes before something else. For example, she ‘preceded’ him into the room.

As always, thanks for spending some of your time here today, it is greatly appreciated!

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